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Voluntary Medical Insurance

Insurance object:

Voluntary Medical Insurance objects are property interests of Insured, provided by Insurance risk, incompliance with medical service expenses and other aids in the emergence of insurance event.  

Insured, that are, make the contract of insurance with Insurers, and pays Insurance premium, can be legal and capable physical persons.

Insurance  event :

Insurance event is appears when Insured addresses to medical center for the aid, list of which is provided and agreed by the contract of Insurance in the validity term of contract of Insurance; in case of acute disease, exacerbation of chronic disease, injury, poisoning and others.

Standard program of Insurance is given in the following attachment.

Insurance amount:

Insurance amount is ceiling of Insurance compensation by the contract of Insurance.

Insurance amount is money determined and agreed by Parties in compliance with the list of medical services and costs, provided by the contract of Insurance.