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Insurance of property against fire and other dangers

What can be insured?

  •  Buildings and structures;
  •  Vehicles and equipment (industrial, engineering and technological, storage, trading, refrigerating and etc);
  •  Office and manufacturing  buildings and their furnishings;
  •  Computer equipment;
  •  Furniture, production and household fittings;
  •  Goods, raw materials and finished products  in storages, refrigerators, working facilities and sales area;
  •  Glasses,  mirrors, shop windows, billboards;

Against what your  property  can be insured?

Fire – accidental occurrence and distribution of fire on object, inside of the  object or from object to object;

lightning stroke;

Falling down of aircraft planes or their parts to the insured property.

Explosion of steam boilers, gas-holders, gas pipelines, containers. Working under the pressure, or other similar devices and also explosion of explosive materials  and gas, used for  domestic and  industrial needs.

  • Naturaldisasters;
  • Failure in water supply, heating and sewerage or automatic fire fighting systems;
  • Flooding, penetration of water or other liquids from the neighboring rooms;
  • Burglary, plunder and robbery;
  • illegal actions of the third parties directed to damage or destruct  the insured property.
  • equipment breakage as a result of voltage difference in an electric circuit;
  • breakage of  window glasses, mirrors, shop-windows.
  • Collision of the vehicles, not belonging to the Insured.

Insurance amount under the insurance contract is established  by agreement of Parties, but not exceeding  market price of the  property as from the date of the contract conclusion.