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Insurance against accidents

Who can be insured? 

a. Corporate persons

b. Capable individual persons

From what do you staff can be insured?

  • Death as a result of accident;
  • Constant disability (I, II or III group of  disablement) as a result of accident;
  • Temporary disability (injury) as a result of accident.

Insurance period:

1 year. At will of a client the insurance  agreement can be concluded for any  period: for the whole year or for the period  implementation of specific work, trip and etc.

Insurance amount:

Rate of the insurance amount  is established  by the Insured   by agreement  with  staff of the  “Kyrgyzstan” OJSC Insurance Company

Insurance coverage  payment:

In case of temporary loss of disability the rate of insurance amount  is determined in accordance with Table «Determination of Severity of Injuries  as the Result of Accidents».

At establishment of disability because of  insurance occurrence, the insurance compensation amount should be pair  at the rate:

- I disability group – 100 % of insurance amount;

- II disability group – 80 % of insurance amount;

- III disability group – 60 % of insurance amount.

At death coming of the Insured that occurred  as the result of insurance event, the insurance amount at the rate 100%shoudl be paid  to a beneficiary  or heirs, with the deduction sums paid earlier  because of insurance  events.

 2. Voluntary Medical Insurance

Insurance object:

Voluntary Medical Insurance objects are property interests of Insured, provided by Insurance risk, incompliance with medical service expenses and other aids in the emergence of insurance event.  

Insured, that are, make the contract of insurance with Insurers, and pays Insurance premium, can be legal and capable physical persons.

Insurance  event :

Insurance event is appears when Insured addresses to medical center for the aid, list of which is provided and agreed by the contract of Insurance in the validity term of contract of Insurance; in case of acute disease, exacerbation of chronic disease, injury, poisoning and others.

Standard program of Insurance is given in the following attachment.

Insurance amount:

Insurance amount is ceiling of Insurance compensation by the contract of Insurance.

Insurance amount is money determined and agreed by Parties in compliance with the list of medical services and costs, provided by the contract of Insurance.


“Kyrgyzstan” OJSC Insurance Company offers an international insurance policy for medical expenses, which provided by support of services company CLASS Assistance.

“Kyrgyzstan” OJSC Insurance Companyguaranteesthe organization and payment of medical assistance 24 hours a day anywhere in the world in case ofa sudden illness or accident during a trip abroad.

Youshould contact the non-stop support of CLASS Assistance service company by phone, or via SMS to obtain emergency medical and other assistance

Citizensof Kyrgyz Republic, as well as foreign citizens permanently or temporarily residing in the territory of Kyrgyz Republic can be Insured.

The insurance policy coversthe following expenses:

Medical expenses: the treatment of emergency illnesses or injuries, as well as necessary with medications prescribed by a doctor.

Medical andtransportation costs: the evacuation of the Insured from the scene to the nearest medical facility or doctor, as well as for emergency medical repatriation of the Insured, including support (if prescribed by a doctor) from abroad to his place of residence.

Transportation expenses:expenses for returning home of the Insured or his children if they are left unattended due to the insured event;

The cost ofthe posthumous repatriation: delivery of the body to the place where the Insured permanently resided, if he dies as a result of accident.


Insurance events arethe following events:

-Temporary complete loss of the Insured total disability due to accident;

-Permanent complete loss of the Insured total disability due to accident;

- The death ofthe insured personas a result of an accident.

The aboveevents are uninsurable if they have occurred as a result of an accident or were the result of it.

The insuranceamount shall be determined separately for the driver and passengers.

 5. Life insurance and Insurance of aircraft crew members in performing their duties.

Thisinsurance is available in case of an event, in which life and health of crew members of aircraft and other aviation personnel during the execution of their duties may be harmed.

-Death, disability,temporarydisability.